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Deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN is 31st August – do it now




With UIDAI, i.e. the Unique Identification Authority of India,  explaining that tax payers will have to link their Aadhaar with PAN  within the set deadline of 31st  August and there are just three days left to execute it.

The government had made obligatory the linking of the Aadhaar with PAN   for filing income tax returns from 1st  July existing year. Though, on 1st  August the Central Board of Direct Taxes, i.e. CBDT extended the limit following a flood of objections from taxpayers that they were not capable of logging on to the e-filing website of the IT department.

The CBDT supposed that there were also problems listed regarding that the process to link Aadhaar with PAN as the names mentioned differently in the database concerning the two documents.

The IT department is improbable to extend further than 31st August the time for linking Aadhaar with PAN. Previously this month, the IT department had extended the limit till  31st August but warned that returns would not processed unless the “linkage of Aadhar with PAN is completed.

Till date, UIDAI, i.e. the Unique Identification Authority of India, which issues Aadhaar cards, has assigned these biometrically based documents to almost 115 crore Indians. Spaced out from that, there are further than 25 crore PAN cards, which have allotted to trusts, companies as well as individuals.

Specifying the existing scenario, the regime may not set off for an extension in the Aadhaar with PAN linking limit. The Finance Ministry has also supposed that demonetization has facilitated augment the tax revenue along with the number of files.

The government outlooks the linking of Aadhaar with PAN as an “effectual anti-evasion method” and is a component of its plan to fight against black money. The consent for linking Aadhaar with  PAN was primarily issued to cut back black money and rationalise the complete tax filing process. It also intendeds to avoid tax evasion along with increasing number of unaccounted assets, as per the government. All the way through this order, the government wishes to boost the number of taxpayers in the country in addition to extending the tax base. It also intends to expand the tax net.

In India, there are in all  6.5 crore taxpayers of which approximately 60 lakh new taxpayers were added all through or later than the fifty days’ demonetization drive from 8th November to 31st December, previous year.

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Aadhaar Card technology prone to data breach: Supreme Court Petition



A petition mentioning the flaws in the technology used for keeping the privacy of Aadhaar cards has been filed in the Supreme court. It clearly challenges the validity of the Aadhaar Act and stated that the technology used is prone to data breach and the right to privacy of people is under threat, which will lead to mishandling of the personal details.

The petition has been filed after the news of Aadhaar card details being made public on various government websites. More than 200 of the state and central government websites along with those of the educational institutes displayed the details of Aadhaar card holders. In response to the query of the Right to Information (RTI), the Aadhaar-issuing body took note of the breach and removed the displayed data from all websites.

The Aadhaar card acts as a proof of identity across India with its unique 12-digit number. Moreover, the government of India is looking to mandate Aadhaar for people to get access to the benefits of various service schemes. A five-judge constitution bench has extended the deadline of linking Aadhaar to mobile numbers to March 31, 2018.

Recently, a media report claimed of anonymous people selling details of the billions of Aadhaar cards for just Rs. 500 over social media. In an investigation by the Tribune, it was found that a correspondent easily got the service from an unknown seller on Whatsapp by paying just Rs. 500 through Paytm. The agent provided the login ID with the password to a website where he could enter any Aadhaar number and get instant access to every single detail including name, address, phone number and email.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is currently looking into the matter and has assured that no such data breach of the biometric database has been done. It also said that the biometric information is never shared and is fully secured at UIDAI with high-level security. It has even lodged an FIR against the persons involved in it.
The Supreme court will make the final Constitution hearing of the petitions filed against the validity of Aadhaar Act on 17th January 2018.

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How to Apply For Aadhar Card




How to Apply For Aadhar Card
How to Apply For Aadhar Card

How to Apply For Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card serves as an identification proof for every citizen of India regardless of caste, religion or

ethnicity. Every Indian possessing an adhar card has their own individual 12 digit random number to

identify them. Since its inception in 2009 the total expenditure spent by the UIDAI was more than Rs


Advantages of Aadhar Card

It can be used as an identity proof for creating a new bank account or applying for a new passport.

The poor can use it for various services like subsidies and other benefits.

This card can help people from the rural areas to avail all the government schemes and other such


Steps to apply Aadhar Card

You would have to visit any nearby authorized Aadhar enrollment center in your locality or anywhere

else in India.

You can also apply for it online, however if your locality is not listed amongst the online appointment

application website, you will have to personally visit a nearby Aadhar card center

The Aadhar card application form is available for free at the center itself, but if one may choose then

they can download and print it out online.

During enrollment your photos, finger prints and iris scan will be taken.

You will be given an acknowledgement slip as a marker till you receive your original Aadhar Card copy.

With the relevant information that you provided about yourself, it will be evaluated and verified

centrally and only then can the next step to pass on the Aadhar Card can be made.

If successfully verified then you will receive an SMS or e-mail notification from the center and after a

few days your Aadhar Card will be printed and sent to your address via post.

Usually it takes 60 to 90 days for processing an Aadhar Card due to the strict verification methods. If

there arises any issues in one’s identity then a rejection letter is immediately forwarded to the

respective person.

Documents Required to Apply Aadhar Card

For proof of one’s identity any of the following can be used as a document

Poto ID card, Ration card, Passport, PAN Card Driving License.

For proof of address

Water bill, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bills of the last 3 months.

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How to become a buyer on Flipkart?




Flipkart Marketplace invitation
Flipkart Marketplace invitation

Flipkart Marketplace invitation

How to become a buyer on Flipkart?

Flipkart started its online business of selling books in 2007 and today it is among the prominent online shopping player in India. About 30,000 sellers, sell online in collaboration with Flipkart from different parts of the nation to reach a nationwide audience.

Why Flipkart?

  • Flipkart customer base is around 2.5 crores.
  • Flipkart has more than 1 crore visitors to their website and sends over 50 lakh orders every month.

All this goes to demonstrate how fantastic this company is and how they have developed themselves in the market. It has likewise resulted in numerous merchants wishing to end up being a part of Flipkart by selling their items through their marketplace.


Flipkart gathers a commission as a charge for promoting your items, which are offered, and there is no listing cost for items merely contributed to the website. When an item is offered, Flipkart subtracts a portion of commission from the product rate, closing cost, and shipping charges. The commission portion differs across classifications from 2.5 % to 25 %.

Flipkart has 2 kinds of shipping & shipment approaches:

Requirement shipment

It is the regular shipment technique utilized by Flipkart’s logistics arm eKart to provide items. The shipment of orders to customer based upon accessibility of items from the seller and replacements take up to 45 days.

Flipkart benefit

In this program, eKart deals with all stock equipping and delivering and providing the items in a day from the item acquired. Sellers nevertheless have to ensure items are provided to Flipkart’s storage facilities ahead of time to utilize this function.

This makes sure excellent product packaging and shipment within 1 Day and the service features a Thirty Days replacement policy. In case, a replacement is not possible, refunds are done. Customers will see a Flipkart Benefit badge beside the item while shopping.

You can select the appropriate model that matches you most and the prices differ according to the model. It is compulsory for sellers to use Ekart logistics for shipping. Ekart makes use of Flipkart branded clean boxes and tapes and the group provides the item to the customer.

Ways to end up being a Flipkart Seller?

In order to sell items on Flipkart an individual or a business residence have to register and end up being a Flipkart Seller by signing up there. The whole procedure of registering as a Seller is quite simple and Flipkart seller group will assist you, if there is any requirement.

To end up being a seller, check out and register. The individual or business residence has to supply the needed details about their business. To comprehend this much better, the information needed by Flipkart are:

  • Seller name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Business or person’s address
  • Account information
  • The Item Categories to be offered on Flipkart.
  • Files associated with registration of business– Company or Proprietorship info.
  • What are the items/ brand names that one wants to sell on Flipkart?
  • Tax registration files—TIN, TAN, and PAN, with CST/VAT Registration (if it puts on your classification).

Once the files and info are sent, the group will evaluate the application and go back within a couple of days’ time. Depending upon the choice taken, it is then up to the individual or business to start the listing.

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