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Two million pilgrims join Mecca for the hajj pilgrimage



Two million pilgrims join Mecca for the hajj pilgrimage

Two million Muslims globally joining Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage. Existing year sees the revisit of pilgrims from Shiite Iran, a regional rival to Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia, and draw closer with the Gulf mired in political calamity and Islamic State group jihadists gripped in Iraq as well as Syria.

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation worldwide, and it also offers the largest figure of pilgrims for the hajj. Saudi Arabia annually comes out with a number of the populace they can put up from every country entirely on the number of Muslims in the region. According to this dissection, Indonesia comes up as the highest regarding Muslims incoming for Hajj in Mecca chased by Pakistan as well as India in second and third positions.

Eni from Indonesia alleged “I’m so energised as numerous people dream of coming to this place, and we feel more spiritual when we depart this place. She added “following my first pilgrimage I felt I required to come back to feel myself close to almighty”.

Abdelmajeed Mohammad Al-Afghani, director of the hajj as well as Umra, told media “current year we expect about two million pilgrims. ” The hajj is known to be one of the five pillars of the Islamic belief, which each Muslim is obligatory to complete at least one time in life if he or she has the means to perform so.

The previous year, pilgrims from Iran had not attended following a deadly Mecca stampede that killed just about 2,300 pilgrims. It was the most horrible disaster in the past of the Hajj, by means of 464 people from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the midst of the dead.

Subsequent to the tragedy, Iran appears out next to Saudi Arabia’s organisation of the Hajj. It resulted in the splitting of diplomatic relations amid the two. The two countries have currently moved past it.

According to author Zeghidour, departing for Hajj acquire pilgrims to one more level in total. “The pilgrim has to move, run, and execute numerous stages” of the custom.

He whispered “It is so actually and spiritually demanding that he doesn’t have a moment to consider regarding the disaster in the Gulf. For him this is prose. Numerous pilgrims approach from Asia or else Africa, far away from the Middle East, and they draw closer to a place where they can endeavour not to recall their lives back home.”

However, this is not the only occurrence on which Saudi Arabia has been blamed of politicizing the Hajj. For approximately three months, there followed a political crisis amid Saudi Arabia along with Qatar with Saudi boycotting the latter. In the wake of creating amends, Saudi Arabia has declared relaxing certain limitations for Hajj pilgrims as of Qatar.


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India News

Avni Chaturvedi created history – first woman pilot of Indian force



Avni Chaturvedi

On Monday, Avni Chaturvedi became first Indian woman pilot of Indian Airforce. She created history after completing a solo flight in a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft.

Avni Chaturvedi completed her first solo half an hour flight in Russian origin jet, i.e. Bison fighter aircraft in the skies over Jamnagar Air Base.  Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee, the IAF spokesman, alleged that ‘this is the chief milestone in training of a fighter pilot. This is the initial time an Indian woman has flown a fighter aircraft solo. It displays IAF’s enduring dedication to Nari Shakti.’

Avni is among the foremost three women officers group who were commissioned as fighter pilots in 2016 June in Indian Air Force. Two more women pilots along with Avni naming Bhawana Kanth as well as Mohana Sigh had gone through a tough training programme to fly the fighter jets.

Avni Chaturvedi flew MiG-21 Bison

It is relevant to mention that Avni Chaturvedi flew MiG-21 Bison which has the highest landing as well a stake off speed in the world, i.e. 340kmph. She completed her training at Air Force Academy in Hyderabad. Her father is an executive engineer in Water Resource Department of MP government. She is encouraged by her brother who is also serving his country in Army. She always sought after to overcome the skies and thus joined Flying Club also in her college.

Avni, Bhawna as well as Mohana graduated from AFA, i.e. Air Force Academy in Dundigul in 2016. They have gone through their basic training with Pilatus PC-7 aircraft prior to being sent to Hakimpet. Avni’s mother told media that ‘she always used to utter that she would become the next Kalpana Chawla one day.’ Avni Chaturvedi wants too kept the news as a secret until the last moment. The news regarding the Avni joining the IAF was disclosed after she received the sanction letter.

In 2018 further, Avni Chaturvedi will learn the intricacies after flying the fighter. After that, she will learn regarding the tactical flying and in what way aircraft can be used as a war-fighting machine. At first, she will learn in what way to fly during the day and after that how to fly along with fight at night.

Following Avni’s success, India at present joins the elite club of countries that permit fighting flying to women. Many other countries comprise United States, Britain, Pakistan as well as Israel.

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World News

Billy Graham – World’s preeminent Evangelical died



Billy Graham

Billy Graham, evangelist pastor as well as a counsellor to presidents, died yesterday. He was the charismatic North Caroline pastor who achieved a reach, unlike any other evangelist. He had been serving as a counsellor or else minister to about a dozen U.S presidents.

Billy Graham died at his residence in Montreat, just before 8 am. In 1990 he was actually diagnosed with Parkinson’s like symptoms. His physician just came after twenty minutes and alleged that he died in his sleep. This death of Billy Graham is described as a very peaceful passing by his nurse and doctor, as he was not in any kind of pain at that time.

Graham preached about 215 million people in around 185 countries all through his lifetime. His message had been reached millions, from the time he maintained a near constant presence on television, radio as well as internet. He also wrote numerous books comprising ‘Just as I Am’ which was New York Times bestseller.

Billy Graham has convinced nearly about three million people to commit their lives to Christianity. He was known to be one of the dominant religious leaders of his times.

Stable charisma of Billy Graham among top leaders

Billy Graham had offered prayer as well as personal advice to every president. In last few years he took a less role however then also earned much praise from President Donald Trump. US President tweeted just after Graham’s death ‘GREAT Billy Graham. There was nobody liked him and will be missed by Christians as well as all religions. He was a very special man.’

Mike Pence, a Vice-president, alleged that we were saddened when Karen and I came to know about the passing of one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century. Jimmy Carter, former president, supposed in a statement that ‘The news of his death deeply saddens my wife Rosalyn and me’. George H.W. Bush, the former president, called  Graham as an America’s pastor. He also added that Billy was a mentor to numerous of his children.

His body will arrive at Billy Graham training center which is in Asheville today. On Saturday a private family prayer service will take place. The private funeral service will be carried out on 2nd March, and till then his body will lay in repose ay Graham Family Homeplace with a closed casket.

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India News

Donald Trump Jr. – a week-long visit to India



Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. arrived India yesterday and is on a week-long visit to India.  Throughout his visit, he is planned to offer a speech on foreign policies and will endorse his luxurious residential project.

Donald Trump’s son landed India yesterday. As per reports, he will be meeting Indian investors as well as business leaders in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata as well as Gurugram. Prior to the visit of Donald Trump Jr. he has been advertised himself.

On Monday full-page newspaper advertisements have been published to invite potential investors’ buyers. Invitations are for those buyers who are willing to buy into the new project of Trump’s organization in Gurugram. Along with it invitation also comprises a dinner afterwards with Donald Trump Jr. this current week.

The advertisement states that ‘Trump has arrived. Have you?’ To invites buyers to book their apartments in Trump Towers till Wednesday. Along with it, the invitation is also for dinner with Donald Trump Jr. on Friday.

Yesterday morning Donald Trump Jr. posted several photos with Indian developers building complexes in four cities.

Donald Trump’s son will deliver the speech in India in which he would be conversing on ‘reshaping the Indo Pacific ties: the new Era of cooperation’ on Friday at the global business summit. PM Narendra Modi will also attend and will converse regarding the ‘preparing India for the future.’

Donald Trump Jr. will be visiting Kolkata on Wednesday where the construction will commence soon of 137 luxury units. On Thursday is planned to be in Mumbai and would be welcomed by Lodha Group, which is a real estate company who is building the Trump Tower.

It is the initial time that Donald Trump Jr. has raised ethical concerns and promoting their eponymous brand crosswise the world. The prior year also Trump Jr. along with his brother opened a Trump-branded golf club in Dubai.

Trump organization had licensing contracts with all Indian business partners who construct properties and attain Trump’s name in exchange. At present the organization as four projects in India. A luxury complex is previously opened in Pune. Other developments are there in coastal cities of Kolkata and Mumbai too.

The apartments will be expensive which would run amid 775,000 and 1.5 million dollars. The question is that as in a country where people can hardly afford 100 dollar rent will it work.

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